Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Please sign and return

I realized one of my childhood dreams today. I have just signed a contract with a major publisher to publish my first book.

I'm still sort of in shock.

It's so damn cool.

My book, Bulletproof Faith: A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians will be published by Jossey-Bass in the Fall of 2008.

It's so damn cool.

I did what a bunch of writer and wannabe writer friends of mine said couldn't be done.

"First time writers don't get agents," they sagely intoned.

Oh, yeah?

I found one after six query letters to potential agents.

"Just a fluke," they shook their heads. "Beginner's luck. Now settle in for the long wait to find a publisher."

Six weeks later - a publisher.

It's so damn cool.

Now, they're all asking me how I did it.

My answer: Write a damn good book. Write a damn good proposal to sell it.

That's what I did.

It's so damn cool.


Mike-El said...

Think I'll wait for the movie.

No, seriously...CONGRATULATIONS! I knew you had it in you, kid. And, thing is, I feel like this is only the beginning.

BTW, if I'm not in the dedication/foreword, there will be trouble.

Candace Chellew-Hodge said...

Love the new pic, Michael. Then again, I always adored you with short hair.

How about: "And finally to the man who ruined me for all other men."

Would that work for you. :)

Hope the kids and the wife are well!

Weblog Blender said...

Hi. Congrats on your book!!! I am working on my own, but haven't gotten very far with it. I, too, am a recovering Southern Baptist and I found your blog at while searching for something to make me feel better about my parents' condemnation. So yeah...hi and congratulations. If you have any advice, drop me a line at