Tuesday, March 18, 2008

God Damn America

I've believed that America was the land of the damned way before Jeremiah Wright's much publicized declaration from the pulpit. I'm frankly disappointed in Barak Obama's tepid speech today, declaring his strident disagreement with Wright. I'm truly left with no one to vote for. Clinton has proved to be politics as usual. McCain is just f-ing crazy predicting 100 more years of endless war and more wars. Now, Obama loses his damn nerve.

America is damned all right - damned with idiotic politicians who only know how to pander, pander, pander.

Instead of contextualizing Rev. Wright's excellent and spot on sermons, Obama repudiates him. Instead of saying, "You're damn right, America is damned for how it wastes its money on war and pisses all over the least of these," he talks about how badly he deplores anyone dissing the Fatherland.

Way to go, Obama. Thanks for betraying the incredible prophetic words of your mentor and going all wishy washy so you won't offend someone.

Here's the truth: prophets are offensive. Prophets speak truth to power. You, Obama, are so hungry for power you'll swallow your passion and deliver a tepid, timid speech in which you callously dispose of a man who dares to speak truth to power so you can placate the wingnuts of the world.

Shame on you.

You had a chance to frame the debate - to call America back to a state where she can be blessed by God and you blew it. You waved the flag, defended America right or wrong, and basically proved you're simply a politician like the rest of them - more eloquent, speaking of hope, but ultimately speaking with a forked tongue like the other two.

Oh, yes, America is damned - damned with a stupid press ready to pounce on a left-leaning preacher who damns America but gives passes to others who have done the same thing. Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, John Hagee - each professing America's damnation for accepting gays, giving women equality and freeing slaves. No one makes a peep about them - but let a black preacher damn America for how it treats poor people and people of color and look out! It's both barrels and no mercy.

God damn America.

I'm sick of it. Sick of all the politicians and their media enablers. Unless we wake up to the damnation of our own doing, we deserve the politicians and the media we get.

America is damned and and until we end this pointless war and work to end poverty, ignorance and fear in our land, we'll remain damned for eternity - and fittingly so.

Chew on that Obama when Justice Roberts swears in President McCain. You helped it happen.


Mike-El said...

When faced with a choice between Someone You Hope Will Be Okay But Will Probably End Up Disappointing You and Someone Who's Out There Actively Promising To Be Incredibly Shitty, you actually do have someone to vote for.

If nothing else, think of the Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Court judges. We've already had almost eight years of reactionary idealogues who will serve for life being appointed. That's gotta stop. There are civil rights and, hell, LIVES at stake.

I mean...sure...Obama's not going to appoint judges as blue as you and I would prefer. But he's not going to appoint unapologetic homophobes and racists, either. It's incredibly frustrating to root for baby steps forward but it sure beats lurching backwards.

Candace Chellew-Hodge said...

All valid points, my friend. I guess I'm just tired of holding my nose and voting. I really, really wanted a candidate I could whole-heartedly support and vote for without reservation. But, it's politics and it always stinks.

I hope Obama is the nominee. I think he'd make the best selection of all three, but I'm so disappointed by this speech and if I read one more "wow, what an incredible speech" post from the left I'll scream. They missed the point. Obama blinked and that disappoints me greatly.

LaReinaCobre said...

The President of the US isn't a prophet. He needs to be the president of everyone. Obama didn't take sides; he showed a third way

Candace Chellew-Hodge said...

I'm not asking Obama to be a prophet. I'd be scared if he thought he was. Instead, he threw Rev. Wright, the prophet, under the bus for political expediency. That's what makes me upset.

The Swandive said...

I hear the sincere pain in your words, and can only offer a friendly comment to say thank you for helping me to hear another side. I sincerely hope beyond hope that the goodness and light can find a way into your sight line soon. Sounds like you need a good word soon.

Candace Chellew-Hodge said...

Thanks for your words, Swandive. I suppose I just expect too much from politicians. My bad. :)

acgas said...

I think the harshness of your willingness to condemn America along with the Reverend Wright is a little bit unfounded. Did not the scriptures tell us in the story of Sodom that if even one righteous man was left there that he would have spared that wicked city? Surely America has many more God loving/fearing, Jesus saved people. I know that the grace of God that Jesus brings in the blood of Jesus, represented through this Easter and his victory over death tells me so.

xtreme said...

I'm fixin' to make you sick. Yep, I liked Obama's speech. I think he took the high road. I can't say I thought he threw Rev. Wright under the bus. He explained well how those who are older and experienced the fullness of hatred carry a chip on their shoulder. I would too. And he pointed to a better way. To me, he held hands with the past and the future in an effort to make a better present.