Thursday, February 01, 2007

Losing Molly

I am so sad this morning to hear of the passing of one of my heroes - Molly Ivins.

I met Molly years ago when I was working at WAGA TV in Atlanta. She appeared on Good Day Atlanta, the morning show where I was an associate producer. I seemed to be the only one who was excited about her appearance on our show to promote her latest book.

When the doorbell rang at the back door that morning I told the intern I'd get it. I was so excited to open the door and find Molly standing there. I smiled and invited her in. As we walked toward the green room I told her, "You're one of my heroes!"

She laughed and said, "Hon, you'll be my hero if you get me a cup of coffee."

That morning, I became Molly Ivins' hero.

Her liberal voice, her wit, and her heart will be missed. She was truly a legend.

Rest in peace, Molly.

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Cindi said...

Amen! How cool you got to meet this wonderful woman. I'm jealous. I read her works with great enthusiasm. She had an ability to put into words that which I felt. She will be missed.