Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday Morning Thoughts and Prayers

The Lord, when He wants to change a situation, has a better method. He changes people, and changed people change situations.
-Norman Vincent Peale, Positive Imaging

As I drove to work yesterday, I noticed the PowerBall Lottery was up to $51 million.

"Oh, Lord, I want that," I breathed.

I probably don't really want that - the money would be nice, sure - but all the new "friends" that come out of the woodwork would be distressing. All the attention. You'd never be able to trust anyone again. The question, "Do they like me or my money?" would always be present.


So, I continued on to work, realizing that the underlying problem was that I just wanted life to be simple. A lot of money would make many things in life very simple. No need for the daily grind of commuting, working and commuting again. No need to ever worry about debt or bills or anything that involves money - except whether or not your banker and your broker really like your or your money.

That's what we all want - a simple life - a life where God swoops in an makes it all right. No more uncertainty. No more fear. No more wondering what you'll do if this or that tragedy occurs.

Alas, God does not work that way. We were given free will in this world which limits God's ability to swoop in like Superman. Sure, God can still do miracles if She pleases, but those are few and far between. For the most part, God watches over us, lets us make our mistakes and then helps us pick up the pieces so we can move on.

Instead of coming in and fixing things for us or taking away all uncertainty, God has a better way. God changes us. As we experience insecurity, fear and despair, God grows our faith. God grows our strength and our character with each trial we face. God does not bring us to these trials - our own free will does that - but God is ever with us through good times and bad times.

By becoming more loving, compassionate, caring people we begin to change the harsh, hateful ways of the world. As one of my favorite theologians, Bono, sings, "I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me."

Rejoice in that knowledge. God is ever shaping and changing you so you can change the situations that surround you.


s.w.anderson said...

Yes! Your comments about changing yourself---or rather, letting God change you---so that you can then change the situations that surround you sounds like a description of my book that I emailed you about the other day. I do hope you'll consider letting me write for WHOSOEVER. Peace! Sara A.

Candace Chellew-Hodge said...

Hey Sara, thanks for your comment. Feel free to contact me at
editor-at-whosoever.org if you want to write for Whosoever. We're always happy to have new folks contributing!