Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm So Tired of Politicians

I can't believe we have another year of this crap coming. I used to listen to NPR religiously on my way to work. Now, I can barely stand it. Instead, I'm grooving to Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews and even some Jethro Tull in the car these days. I can't stand the hypocrisy and downright stupidity of the political races these days.

So, a retired gay general who favors Hillary asked the Republicans a question about Don't Ask, Don't Tell and the world explodes. Let me get this straight (so to speak), only Republicans can ask Republicans questions? Democrats aren't allowed to ask questions? People who ask questions must be thoroughly vetted to make sure they support the party in question before they can ask a legitimate question - or even a stupid question? What the f...? Then CNN apologizes for letting him ask a question? CNN should grow a damn spine and say, "Hey, he's an American asking potential presidents a question - that's all the credential he needs." Stupid CNN - yet another reason to be glad I don't work there anymore.

Here is my question: where the hell is America? I used to live there, but apparently it packed its belongings in the middle of the night and fled. Wise move. I always knew America was smart. What we're left with is the clowns and charlatans who are creating some bizarro version of America where up is down and war is peace. Paging Mr. Orwell.

Now, I read that Mike Huckabee says Jesus would approve of capital punishment because he suffered the same punishment without complaint. May I repeat, "What the f...????"

“Interestingly enough,” Huckabee allowed, “if there was ever an occasion for someone to have argued against the death penalty, I think Jesus could have done so on the cross and said, ‘This is an unjust punishment and I deserve clemency’.”

This is what happens when idiots read the Bible. Following old Huck's logic, then Jesus supports putting the innocent or wrongly convicted to death. Hucky conveniently forgets that Jesus intervened in the case of a woman who was headed for the death penalty for adultery. The crowd was ready to stone her to death, but Jesus pardons her and sends her on her way. Hmmm - sounds to me like the J-man supported clemency over punishment.

Christian theology holds that Jesus' sacrifice on the cross was preordained and had to happen for the redemption of the world. However, I prefer to see Jesus' death on the cross as a protest of the death penalty. He was wrongly convicted of crimes he did not commit but willingly went to his death to expose the fear of the powers that be. The powerful always destroy what they fear and Jesus' death exposed the leaders of his day for the true cowards they were. Jesus' death is powerful and gives us a guide to live by - to speak truth to power and oppose the cowardly fear-mongering leaders of our day who prefer punishment over clemency and war over peace.

I agree with Hucky-boy that Jesus was too smart to run for political office, which says a whole hell of a lot about Hucky's intelligence level as well as his grasp of what Jesus came to proclaim to we gullible, idiotic humans. Jesus understood that true power was among the people, not the potentates who pontificated about their righteousness. Now, if we can only convince the people of their power so they can send the potentates packing.

In the meantime I'll be rocking out in the car, and if anyone spots America, please let me know where she is. Tell her all is forgiven and she can come home now.


Reverend Bitch Sir! said...

I hear you sister...I am already tired of it and it really has not started for real yet.

Seems to me the level of stupidity we are asked to endure every election cycle continues to increase.

Amen thank God for cd's and the soft jazz station!


Neil Ellis Orts said...

man, it is hard to write satire. that piece I published last year had a similar line of thinking, but to show how crazy it was:


it's a sad world for satirists. the politicians are already caricatures.