Friday, May 16, 2008

At Least it's Not the Gays Fault This Time

Apparently our economy has gone to hell because of abortions. No, seriously, we're paying more than $4.00 a gallon for a tank of gas, the housing bubble has burst, people are losing their homes and jobs and consumer confidence is lower than Bush's approval rating, but our leaders and their selfish choices have nothing to do with it. Abortions. That's the cause.

This according to John McCain endorser John Hagee:

If you do not accept the blessing of children, and [you] do as America has done, is to curse the children through abortion, you will bring the judgment of God on your society.

The liberal mental midgets protesting for abortion-on-demand are too brain-dead to see that they have brought the judgment of God upon America’s economy. Why are America’s major universities right now recruiting students from abroad? Why? Because we killed ours.

How's that for some "God Damn America"???

Where's the media on this one, calling Hagee "McCain's pastor problem"? Hello? I'm waiting.

Like I've said before, everyone with half a brain understands that abortion isn't the reason the economy is in the toilet. It's the leadership wasting billions on an illegal war and allowing war profiteers to raid the national treasure that has busted the economy. Corporate greed and stagnant wages for workers ... all the choices of those in charge. Abortion has nothing to do with it. Abortion isn't even prohibited in the Bible - show me chapter and verse and prove me wrong, please.

This is why the loonies like Hagee get ignored - everyone knows he's full of shit. But, when Jeremiah Wright speaks the truth about America's ills - our selfish culture of greed and neglect of the poor - he gets trampled. You see, he's speaking the truth and people get pissed when someone speaks truth to power. We roll our eyes when idiots like Hagee make stupid statements, but take up arms when someone questions why we treat the poor and outcast horribly in the home of the free and the land of brave.

So, don't expect the mainstream media to make much of Hagee - they know he's just a nut. Wright is truly dangerous, because he's pointing out the truth of America's sins and it has nothing to do with abortion or gay people.


Jerry Maneker said...

Hi Candace: I don't remember who said it, but he said: "When I feed the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why they are poor, they call me a communist."

The tragedy is that virtually all of the institutional Church, explicitly through rhetoric and/or implicitly through silence, give the Hagees and other demagogues of the professing Christian world a credibility that they don't deserve; assiduously supports the status quo (in the name of "tradition" or "the Bible") that justifies the oppression of the poor and disenfranchised, a position that is, of course, diametrically opposed to everything that Jesus stood for.

My main concern is not with the Hagees as much as it is with the silence of much, if not most, of the institutional Church in the face of the oppression of others.

Anonymous said...

"Where's the media on this one, calling Hagee "McCain's pastor problem"? Hello? I'm waiting."

--- McCain has never been a member of Hagee's church.

Candace Chellew-Hodge said...

But, Hagee endorsed McCain and McCain actively sought the endorsement of this nutcase. Membership in a church has nothing to do with it. The "librul" media is handing McCain a free pass every single day just like they always do. They've chosen McCain as their candidate to protect their corporate interests and they'll treat him with kid gloves while bashing Obama every step of the way. Mark my words. The did it to Gore and Kerry and they're doing it again.

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