Friday, May 02, 2008

I wish I was a lesbian

A little Friday afternoon fun:


Mike-El said...

I've got a bad-ass Ares "Make War, Not Love" t-shirt that I still wear around the house every once in a while. Those clips brought back a lot of memories. I wish the Hercules and Xena DVD sets weren't so fricking expensive. I can go out and get any season of The West Wing, Friends, Raymond, Smallville, or Seinfeld for twenty bucks a pop...but Herc/Xena season boxes are 45 bucks (if you can find them). WTF?

wep601 said...

That was a great chuckle to start the day! Thanks! And I also am a "recovering baptist"... I sometimes wonder how I made it out... out of the baptist church, and out of the "closet." Thanks for being here! Look forward to reading more!