Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Christ Quits Christianity

Well, it was really only a matter of time:

...the Christ himself has come forward to announce that he is leaving Christianity, effective immediately. The reasoning: The 2008 Republican Platform. Reached for comment at a West Hollywood coffee shop, Christ said that he couldn’t deal with a world that so misinterpreted his words and actions.

I've honestly wondered why it took Christ so long to leave Christianity. The Crusades weren't enough, but the last straw is the Repubs? Well, they do have their own crusade going on these days to strip America of every last shred of dignity and intelligence.

The piece above is worth a full read. Some of my favorite, LOL, passages:

“John McCain has made it clear that he will not speak to or about Jesus Christ until Christ shows him the respect he deserves,” said Davis. “John McCain was a POW and deserves respect. Jesus obviously can’t understand the kind of sacrifice John McCain made.”

And ...

“Seriously, let him go,” said Hannity to co-host Alan Colmes on the popular show “Hannity & Colmes” on Fox News. “If he doesn’t have the courage to face up to the Republican platform, how can he ever stand up to Osama bin Laden. This is a partisan attack, plain and simple.”

In response, Colmes vehemently disagreed with Hannity.

“But, but, but … , ” said Colmes.

Again, read the whole thing. It's brilliant.

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