Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remind me who the sexist is?

So, McCain thinks Obama is sexist with his whole "lipstick on a pig" comment.

Well, at least Obama doesn't publicly call his wife horrible names. And if he did, I'd bet money Michelle wouldn't stay with him long - yet, Cindy McCain stands by her man, flying him in her jet, housing him in several lavish homes ... hmmm, gotta wonder about these things. Just sayin' ...


The Phlegmatic Thinker said...


I have been reading through your main website and have found what I thought to be very well written articles both by you and others. I believe strongly that Christians in the conservative evangelical sphere have failed to do the homework they pride themeselves on - accurate exegesis of the Biblical text. They are guilty of the same mistakes that others (e.g. Charles Hodge) made in the 19th Century in regards to slavery. I want to encourage you to keep calling for the critical dialogue that breeds understanding and empathy.

On this particular post, however, I have to take issue with you. As much as the right wing drives me crazy, so does the left wing, and, with all due respect, I think this post is beneath you. This is gutter politics. I agree with you that McCain is distorting what Obama said for his political advantage and he needs to be called on that, but to respond with "I heard you called so and so a such and such back in 19-" is ridiculous. Please read the following article as I believe it treats the issue fairly:

Even if one of these left wing loonies could prove that McCain said "the c-word" it does not disqualify him from the race. Do you not think President Clinton had choice words for the Republican inquisitors that sought his head? I'm sure he did, but that didn't stop him from balancing the budget, did it? No. These are ad hominem attacks and, thus, useless. I'm sure you'll join me in calling for both candidates to get back on message and return to arguing the issues.

Once again, I commend you on a ministry greatly needed and I'm sure, warmly received by many.

Humbly yours,
W.C. Thomas

The Phlegmatic Thinker said...

The link didn't post correctly, sorry:

Donny said...

Sarah Palin has been treated shamefully and direspectfully by the typical vitriolic and hateful liberal and progressive community. You start with Air America in the morning and end with MSNBC and every other media outlet at night. I wouldn't entertain a liberal if it meant my martyrdom. They are what they are, at isn't anything Christ-like.

Mike-El said...

"I wouldn't entertain a liberal if it meant my martyrdom."

Too late. You just did.