Monday, February 04, 2008

Bush's Budget: Screw the Poor

The Good Christian President(TM) George W. Bush has put out his latest budget and not surprisingly, the winners are, well, not anyone reading this blog.

The more than $3 trillion budget includes lots and lots of spending for the military industrial complex - all in the name of our "national security." It also calls for making the Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy permanent - entrenching the haves and the have mores as the real winners from here on out.

Where will all the money come from to pay for more guns and real butter on the fat cats dinner table? Wait for it ...

The poor! Of course.

It's really no shock that Bush will slash funds for health care for the elderly (he won't fund it for children, so the old people can suffer too), education (keep 'em stupid enough to keep voting Republican), energy assistance (let those sick elderly freeze to death. It's what Jesus would do!) and drug free school programs (the kids won't notice they're sick if they're high!).

This Good Christian President(TM) has proven time and time again that the perverse popular religion that blasphemes Christ at every turn will turn his back on the least of these with impunity, smirking the entire time. He knows that no one will call him on it. Democrats will not bang the obvious talking point that this man who professes to be a Christian consistently sells out the poor in favor of the rich (I remember Jesus doing that all the time, don't you?). Democrats will sit on their hands and vote for this abomination and the press will continue to simply report the facts and not call the president on his callous disregard for those in need. (Now, if a Democrat tried it, the headline would scream, "President Sacrifices Poor at the Altar of War and Tax Cuts!!")

Perhaps the hypocrisy of this "compassionate conservative" claptrap is just so obvious that people don't believe it needs any further comment. Perhaps we've all grown callous to the needs of the least of these. We're not in that group, we don't know anyone in that group, so who cares? Pass those buttery tax cuts this way please.

Jesus knew that when our hearts grew cold to the cries of those on the margins that God's kingdom could not break through. It's only when we understand that true love of self results not in "I've got mine," but "Does everyone else have theirs," will we ever be able to truly love the God that made us. As long as we are selfish - getting ours and forsaking the needs of others - we can never truly love God. When we truly love God, we understand that the only proper self love is a love that gives itself away.

Good Christian People(TM) are too busy airing their piety in the streets for others to see and admire to see those whose needs remain unmet.

May God forgive us all for being Good Christian People(TM).

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